Green Energy Proposal

In the mid of February 2013, I was assigned to produce a proposal and an oral presentation of the proposal for the ENGR 2367 course. I chose to propose a plan to install compact generators in the workout facilities in The Ohio State University.

In completing the assignment, i managed to improve my writing skills as well as oral presentation skill. I became familiar with proposal writing conventions and have developed research and citation skills. I was also able to practice rhetorical strategies in this assignment to help me improve my persuasive writing strategies as well as persuasive oral presentation.

Implementing Compact Generators Proposal

The proposal was written for the boards of directors of the university and the purpose of the proposal was to encourage The Ohio State University to install compact generators on every exercise machines in every workout facilities of the university. This was because I found out that the the installation of compact generators could benefit and reduce the annual electricity bill of the university. Other than that, the implementation will also encourage healthy lifestyle among students as well as an initiation to protect the environment from excessive carbon dioxide emission.

There were few section in the proposal, the first few sections were the introduction section. The introduction section contains the statement problem of the proposal, objectives, description of the proposed program, description of a compact generator and the reason of The Ohio State University is suitable for this proposed plan.

The second section was about the benefits of the implementation of the compact generators. In this section, i explained the benefits for the university and the environment. Also, i have calculated the total money saved annually from the implementation and also the budget for this plan.

In the last section of the proposal, it was about the conclusion of the proposal and the overall benefits and expectation we could get from the proposed plan.

Attachment below is the final proposal for the ENGR 2367 course in PDF format.

Implementation of Compact Generator Proposal (PDF) – Implementation of Compact Generator Proposal – Kok


I was also assigned to produce a “prezi” presentation of my proposal for evaluation. I presented my proposal in the class and was evaluated. The link below brings you to my “prezi” presentation.

Link to prezi presentation – Installation of Compact Generators Presentation

Last updated: April 22nd, 2013


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