ENG 2367 Reflections

Overall Experience in ENGR 2367 Course.

Throughout the course, I have learned to produce memo, résumé, cover letter, proposal, presentation, writing for public discourse and a website for my career portfolio. In completing these assignments, i have learned a lot of valuable knowledges and skills to help me improve myself as a person as well as to help me prepare myself to be a great industrial engineer in the future.

bridge-to-successIn this course, i learned teamwork and responsibility the most. I had to work together and listen to everyone’s criticism and advices in order to improve myself. As a result of constantly being hardworking, i was able to learn and practice to become more familiar with genre conventions of memo, proposal writing, job-related materials, prezi and oral presentations.

In producing the job-related documents, i have learned strategies for writing effective job materials that emphasizes the qualities of a potential employer seeks. I was able to reflect on experiences, strengths, interests and goals in producing my resume. I also had the chance to practice methods for effectively tailoring information for a particular audience.

Also, in producing documents for the public consumption, i learned strategies for writing persuasively and learned that language is a powerful tool in the public sphere. Besides, in order to make the documents to be more attractive and consumable, i learned to use effective visual document design in my documents. I was also able to practice my research and citation skills in producing documents.


Overall, this course has helped me to prepare myself better to face my future challenges and changed my concept in producing documents. Most importantly, i have learned to effectively working together with other people as a team and produce positive results.

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Engineering Career 


Since my wish is to be an industrial engineer, taking the ENGR 2367 course will significantly bring me one step closer to achieve my dream. In the process of becoming an industrial engineer, i would have to take a lot of professional undergraduate engineering courses. All those courses will require me to produce a lot of lab reports, presentation, proposal and as well as memos. ENGR 2367 courses has helped me to prepare myself to produce those documents more effectively.

Last updated: April 22nd, 2013


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