Career Goals

ind engMy ultimate dream is to become an industrial engineer and work in a dominant international company just like my father. The reason I am passionate about chasing after my dream is because of him. He is an industrial engineer and he brought me to work with him frequently since I was young. He influenced me by exposing me to the industrial working environment. I find the working systems and functioning systems in a factory interesting and that makes me want to be an industrial engineer.

When I was at the age of 15, I have already learned a lot about the operations principle in the industry from my father. He would always share his experiences and thoughts with me. I learned a lot of basic knowledge of the industry such as operations principle of manufacturing and the labor management of a company. Those knowledges helped me to improve myself as a person to become an organized person.

At the age of 17, I got a job as an assistant accountant in the APS Murni Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. Even though that position did not help me in pursuing my career as an industrial engineer, it made me realize my true interest and passion lie in the industry field. That job thought me how to work with adults in the real-life environment as well as organize data.

Short Term Plans


For my short team plans, my aim is to get an internship during the summer in my college year. My objective is to gain more working experience and also learn more knowledge about the industry. Most importantly, Internships will also help me to prepare myself to work in the industry when I graduate.

With experiences in working as an assistant accountant and basic knowledge of industrial field my father taught me, I believe I would be a worthy internship applicant. I hope to learn more about how a company operates and understand the basic knowledge of manufacturing from internships; which I am interested in.

When I acquired these experiences from internship, I believe I would have grown wiser and more mature. I also suppose my experience accumulated from all these years would help me to secure a job in the industrial engineering field and hopefully I would get a position in one of the top companies that I wished to be in.

Future Plans


In the future, I wish I would have the chance to be a part of one of the top companies in the industrial engineering field such as “Performance Indicator Co” and “ChromoLogic Co”. I wish I could get a job that would allow me to practice my knowledge and skills to the greatest extend in helping the company to grow.

If my short team plans go accordingly as I wished, I would have a lot of working experience and knowledge in the industrial field. With the combination of knowledge of working as an assistant accountant, basic knowledge of industrial field and internship experiences, I believe I would be a great industrial engineer that would provide significant benefits for the company to grow and hopefully, be a part of the team in the top industrial engineering company.


I personally believe I would be a great industrial engineer because of my excellent academic strength, numerous leadership experiences, working together, great communication skills as a team and also working experience.


Throughout my high school years, I have been performing really well in both curricular and extra-curricular aspects. I have always been one of the top scholars in my high school and have always maintained good grades academically. In my O-level examination, I scored 8A’s out of 9 subjects. I was awarded as an one of the top scholars in my high school. Besides, I also actively involved in extra-curricular activities in my high school. I had experience leading the Music Club and Boy Scouts Society in my high school years. I was the president of the Music Club and Boy Scouts and I organized several events for my high school successfully and got many awards for that. I acquired numerous leadership experiences and teamwork skills from these extra-curricular activities.

Throughout these years, I am also able to pick up few languages; which I believe is one of my biggest advantages. I am able to speak a total of 6 languages fluently which includes English,Malay, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Hokkien), Chinese (Cantonese) and also Indonesian. I also have taken technical communication course in the OSU to help me to communicate more effectively orally as well as writing.

Also, as I mentioned it earlier, I worked as an assistant accountant at the age of 17 as part-time job in APS Murni Sdn. Bhd. I managed to gain some real-life working experience, skills in organizing data and experience in working with adults. My father has also taught me some basic knowledge of the operations principle of manufacturing and the labor management of a company. These experiences would help to adapt myself comfortably in the new working environment.

successAs for myself, I am never afraid to try and speak out my ideas and I am also never afraid to fail. I always learn from my mistakes and improve myself from my mistakes. I accept every kind of challenges and I will always give my best to overcome the problem. My passion in industrial engineering field will make me a loyal and committed industrial engineer.

In conclusion, with all my strengths, leadership skills, working experiences, teamwork skills and great communications skills. I believe I will adapt myself in this field in no time and be a great industrial engineer.

Last updated: April 22nd, 2013


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