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From left to right: Kok Chee Yew, Ping Teng Yew, Kee Yew, Sally Gwi, Me

I am given the name Kok Fong Yew by my parents when I was born on the January 1 of 1992. I grew up in Malaysia and just turned 21 recently. My job and responsibility is to study hard, be a good student and be a good son. My family consists of 5 people including father, mother, elder brother, little sister and me.

My father Kee Yew, the head of family is a 51 years old hardworking Industrial Business man. He was born on the December 27, 1962 and has married my mother for 25 years.

Then, my mother, Sally Gwi is a responsible housewife in the family. She is 50 years old this year and was born on July 19, 1963. She gave birth to my elder brother, me and adopted a little sister. She loves doing charity and is a loving and caring mother. She has always been taking care of us and taught us to be a good person ever since we were born.

Next, my elder brother, Kok Chee Yew is working as a Banker in a Malaysian bank called Affin Bank. He was born on December 14, 1990 and will be turning 23 years old in this year. My brother graduated from University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire with honor majoring in Actuarial Science last summer and was a transfer student like myself. My parents adore him because he is smart and capable.

Subsequently, Ping Teng Yew who is the youngest in my family. My mother adopted her when she was 5 month old. She is turning 12 years old this year and she was born on May 29,2001. She is a 7th grade student in a primary school in Malaysia. She loves studying and loves to help my mother cleaning up the house. My parents do not love her less because she is adopted. In fact, my parents adore her most among all my siblings. My brother and I treat her as my real sister too. I feel grateful to be born in a loving family that cares for each other.

_1-1353585524Other than that, I transferred from INTI College, Malaysia to The Ohio State University last year. I came here in Spring 2012 as a junior and right now, I’m in my third year of tertiary education. My objective here is to study hard and obtain a bachelor degree in the Industrial & Systems Engineering major. February 2013 will mark the 11th months for me staying in the US and I stay here for another 2 years until I graduate. I expect to graduate in summer 2015 if my academic plan goes smoothly without failing any of my courses. Also, I enjoy reading books and taking nap because those activities calm my mind especially on a busy day. Besides, I love to play classical music on my radio when I am free.

To sum this up, my family is a typical Chinese family that follows Buddhism beliefs like any other average Chinese family in Malaysia. Most typical Chinese families in Malaysia prioritize on family relationship and studies. Chinese families in Malaysia always put family love first amongst everything else. Academic grades come after family love. Typical Chinese parents believe doing well in school will secure a good future in life. Therefore, these two aspects are the most important for typical Chinese families. I am happy and content with my current situation and feel blessed to have them as my family.

Last updated: April 22nd, 2013



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